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Dunamis Inc.

7 Avenue De Lafayette


Boston, MA 02111



Dunamis is run by 3 millenial artists-of-color with degrees in arts-management, music business, sociology and education. Throughout their perspectives as artists, arts-managers and educators, they are committed to sharing, enhancing, and cultivating stories and artists that celebrate agency, identity, and culture. What Drives Us: • How do you train and empower professionally competent emerging artists? • How do we build diverse audiences and develop patrons of the arts? • How do we construct a pipeline of diverse, visionary arts-managers? • How can we increase Boston’s relevance as a cultural hub that both attracts and retains talented artists? We believe that if we educate, support, and bring life to the work of artists and arts-mangers at the earliest stages of their careers, then we can create a community of diverse, professionally competent, local arts-leaders.


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