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Date Posted:
May 10, 2023

Eastern Massachusetts



Lynch Family Skatepark Public Art Consultant


The mission of the Charles River Conservancy, Inc. (CRC) is to make the Charles River and its parks a well-maintained network of natural urban places that invite and engage all in their use and stewardship. The Lynch Family Skatepark, opened in 2015, is a major capital project spearheaded by CRC that remedied and capped a former brownfield site adjacent to the Charles River and North Point Park. CRC led a multi-year effort to design, fundraise for and construct the skatepark so that youth and wheeled athletes—who are often pushed out of public spaces—could have a space along the Charles. 

The Lynch Family Skatepark, often referred to as, “the busiest park per square foot in Massachusetts”, marks a sign of success. However, the confluence of many people has created some conflicts among the types of uses and priorities for park visitors and public agencies. Through partnership-building and community outreach from Fall 2022 to Winter 2023, the CRC has engaged in discussions about spatial justice, social dynamics, and park improvements. This process included onsite communication at the Lynch Family Skatepark and public community forums, leveraging partner organizations and creative tools to identify inequities, opportunities, and criteria for public art. 

The CRC aims to leverage the power of public art to transform the park, accounting for the perspectives of various stakeholders, including public agencies, skaters, youth programs, graffiti artists, the local community, and corporate neighbors, to advocate for their needs, address legality of graffiti art, and promote equitable change at the Lynch Family Skatepark. 

The Charles River Conservancy, Inc. (CRC) is seeking a Public Art Consultant or Consultant Team to support the development and selection process for a public art project at the Lynch Family Skatepark. The Public Art Consultant(s), will work closely with the CRC and the community to ensure that the project celebrates the park users and invites new audiences to the riverfront. This role will play an essential part in positioning public art as a conduit for spatial resilience and enhancing physical and social infrastructure of the park. For more details view here


Please read the full scope of work prior to submitting a proposal. Full description here.

  • Experience working with organizations in the development of an RFP/RFQ process.
  • Experience working with organizations or nonprofits in related fields as the CRC is preferred.
  • Ability to meet project deadlines and goals in a professional and timely manner.
  • Experience and demonstrated knowledge/skills in collective impact, and community feedback evaluation.
  • Demonstrated understanding of what it takes to meet program and/or public art standards set by public and state agencies.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills. Ability to effectively communicate best practices for the public art selection process based on analysis of community findings.
  • Evidence of commitment to fostering a culture of equity and inclusion in their work.
How To Apply:

Review the Lynch Family Skatepark Public Art Consultant Scope of Work. Full Description Here

Please send the following information together in a proposal to
  • Email materials in pdf format with a suggested range of 3- 6 pages.
  • Name and Address of Individual or Consulting Group, phone number & email address.
  • Outline of approach to achieve deliverables.
  • Examples of work on comparable or relevant projects, please feel free to share in whatever format is best to convey your experience.
  • A cost estimate for the proposed work and other project related costs.
  • Key personnel, roles and associated hourly rates, as well as a short summary of qualifications and relevant experience per individual.
Apply by:
June 30, 2023
$10,000 - $13,000 / Total fee
About this Organization:
The Charles River Conservancy lies at the center of the Charles River, its parks, and the park’s users. We similarly envision a future in which the Charles River and its parks are celebrated, well-utilized, and connected centers of public life. We strive to make the Charles River and its parks a well-maintained network of natural urban places that invite and engage all in their use and stewardship.