Somerville Museum

One Westwood Road
Somerville, MA 02143

Date Posted:
October 08, 2021

Eastern Massachusetts



Facilities Assistant


Part-time (average 4 hours/week)

Salary: commensurate with experience; this position is for an independent contractor and the terms of wages and payment will be determined upon hire. 

The Somerville Museum is looking for an independent contractor to support the museum's facilities on a part-time basis. This position should be available for on-call building requirements (evenings and/or weekends as required). It may be necessary to respond to off-hours emergencies one or two times per year. This position should also be familiar with building heating, mechanical, or electrical systems.

Note: The Somerville Museum building, built in 1924, at 1 Westwood Road, Somerville has been recently renovated with a new elevator and redesigned basement layout.

Light snow removal may be required.

Primary Function: To assist and report to the Assistant Director with the general maintenance and upkeep of the museum buildings and grounds.


Responsibilities Include:

General Housekeeping:

· Leaf collection as needed to keep the sidewalk and stairs clear for visitors and passersby.

· Snow and ice removal as needed to keep the sidewalk and stairs clear for visitors and passersby. Authorize to hire other if snow accumulation is heavy.

· Routine inspection of steps, walkways, and paths for obstacles to safety.

· Vacuuming of spaces as needed/requested.

· Weekly trash removal.

· Clean and stock bathrooms.

· Maintain and keep organized all maintenance equipment and cleaning tools.

Maintenance of Systems

· Prepare a yearly budget and schedule for maintenance.

· Keep a log of repairs required for above listed housekeeping. Document with photos as needed to explain to others the issues at hand. Maintain and share this file with the Assistant Director on a periodic basis or as requested.

· Keep on permanent file warranties of equipment, instruction manuals, etc. Share this information with the Assistant Director.

· Arrange for gutters and downspouts to be cleaned in the Fall and as needed to work properly.

· Monitor working of the sump pump and battery backup.

· Monitor alarms and bring to the attention of the Security Chair any deficiencies; be available for annual fire inspection.

· Change out and clean HVAC filters on a periodic basis.

· Keep the elevator, HVAC systems and other systems in the Museum working properly through a proper maintenance schedule. Oversee work on these systems to ensure efficient functioning.

· When specific trades or expertise is called for, contact and arrange for the appropriate vendors/contractors to undertake the work in a timely manner. Monitor the work being done. Common trades that are contracted out are: plumbing, HVAC, electrical, elevator work, etc.

· Maintain all interior and exterior lighting. Be sensitive to the type and color temperature of the lights to make certain they are in agreement with each other and fit their purpose.

· Arrange for the fire extinguishers to be inspected 1x/year per insurance requirements.

Assistance with Museum Events, Exhibitions and Programs

· Assist with setting up chairs, projectors, etc. for programming as requested.

· Assist with special events and rentals setups as requested.

· Perform other tasks as assigned.

Physical requirements include:

  • Ability to climb stairs and work safely from ladders
  • Ability to do heavy lifting up to 60lbs such as moving tables and furniture, pick up and empty trash receptacles, shoveling snow.
  • Ability to work well with others.


  • Work efficiently, courteously and professionally with a wide range of staff and volunteers.
  • Communicate in a friendly and hospitable manner at all times.
  • Represent the Museum in a professional way including appearance.
  • Be sensitive to the cultural differences as represented by the Museum’s collections, educational mission, and audience.

Experience and Skills

· Carpentry and painting skills a plus.

· Familiarity and maintenance with building electrical, mechanical, and heating systems.


· Qualifications: Highly organized with excellent attention to detail. Ability to follow directions. Good problem-solving abilities. Works well independently and as part of a team. Must be able to be extremely careful while working around museum collections.

  • Valid driver’s license and a car or truck for transporting people or things from time to time would be helpful.
  • Completion of a background check is required.
How To Apply:

To apply please email cover letter, resume, and reference list to Please use “Facilities Assistant” in the subject line.

Apply by:
October 28, 2021
About this Organization:
As the only membership supported, community-based cultural institution of its kind in Somerville, the Somerville Museum is the City's mirror, playing a central role in preserving the past, reflecting the present, and helping to shape the future of this diverse urban community of 76,000. Through its innovative programming, the Museum seeks to engage audiences in an on-going dialogue with local artists, scholars, and educators with the larger aim of fostering cultural education and understanding. The Somerville Museum presents exhibitions featuring local visual arts, history and culture in the context of neighborhoods and community, as well as musical and dramatic performance series; develops hands-on history learning projects in collaboration with the Somerville Public School Department; and is available as a meeting place for local historical and cultural organizations.