Vineyard Arts

430 Marret Road
Lexington, MA 02421


Date Posted:
March 31, 2021

Eastern Massachusetts



Visual Art Teacher


Vineyard Artists is located at 430 Marrett Road, Suite 1, Lexington, MA and was founded by experienced artists and musicians. We are dedicated to enriching children’s after school time with art and music by discovering and guiding their potential artistic talents. We inspire our students to becreative thinkers, encourage them to take risks in the arts, and develop their sense of self-esteem, self-discipline and self-motivation. We practice art integration in designing our classes: through art classes, the students also learn about other subjects such as science, history, social studies etc.

Currently, Vineyard Artists is recruitingan artist and with the same philosophy as ours to accompany 4-12 year olds on their arts learning journey during this difficult time. The classes will be conducted in person at Vineyard Artists location.

Responsibility and lesson plan

?Design lessons based on the curriculum provided by Vineyard Artists, and provide the key content for each lesson

?Encourage and inspire students’ creativity by providing a relaxed and fun class atmosphere

?Demonstrate how to create art on the spot (in class), but do not limit their ability to create independently

?Give feedback to students' work in each class, pay attention to each child's growth and room for improvement

?Establish a healthy communication with students, parents and colleagues


?B.A. in art education or fine arts. Master degree preferred

?ability to teach in both English and Mandarin is preferred

?more than one year of child education experience

?access to car

?provide portfolio

How To Apply:

Email the following


?Portfolio (for music teacher - videos of performance and/or teaching)

?Any additional information you would like to share

If you have any question, feel free to email us, or call/text 781-214-0989To know more about us, please visit our website

Apply by:
April 17, 2021
$1,000 - $3,000
About this Organization:
A high quality arts studio providing music and visual art education for all ages.