Indigo Fire Pottery Studio

60 Concord Ave.
Belmont, MA 02478

Date Posted:
March 12, 2021

Eastern Massachusetts



Operations Coordinator


Indigo Fire is a relatively young pottery studio with a friendly community and intentions of growing. We opened in 2012 and now offer a robust set of class, workshop and independent study options for those interested in learning pottery.

Operations Coordinator is a hybrid position that will be starting in concert with our new, Watertown facility. The Operations Coordinator will be working at this facility. Their job will be a nice balance of office work and physical, studio operations. There is room for the role to evolve over time.

The Watertown facility will be a newly built-out studio with 30 wheels, 4 kilns, a pugmill and reclaim station, glaze mixing station, kitchenette and small eating area, handbuilding tables, plaster tables, glaze tables and ample shelves for pottery storage.

Indigo Fire has a culture of kindness, openness, honesty, and support of fellow community members. In addition to possessing and representing these qualities, the Operations Coordinator should be a good communicator, hardworking, creative, flexible and organized.

The Operations Coordinator’s responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:

Studio Programming

- Scheduling, posting, communicating, and managing enrollment for:

o Semester Classes

o Independent Study

o Private Lessons

o Weekend Workshops

o Visiting Artist Workshops

- Website Management and Updates

o Writing and publishing special messaging

o Creating pages for unique events.

o Publishing classes, independent study, workshops, or lessons.

- Community Engagement

o Staying connected to local message boards online.

o Following potters that are in town for exhibitions, unique workshops etc.

o Engaging with artists about visiting artist workshops.

o Tracking local events that Indigo Fire might participate in.

- Brand Management

o Continuing to improve our online presence and brand image

- Pottery Sales

o Scheduling and creating the marketing materials for Indigo Fire pottery sales.

o Managing the event

Studio Operations

- Loading, unloading and firing kilns.

- Grinding and treating kiln shelves.

- Mixing, sieving, calibrating and testing studio glazes.

- Maintaining underglazes, waxes and oxide washes.

- Laying out, monitoring and pugging recycle clay.

- Trimming, glazing and shelving workshop pottery.

- Cleaning

o Mopping floor and sponging down of all studio surfaces

o Organizing tools and materials

o Changing sink traps, taking out garbage and recycle



Software Proficiencies

- Microsoft Office Suite

- Google Suite

- Website builders, preferably Wix

- Booking software

- Social media, particularly Instagram

- Design and photo editing platforms: Canva, Gimp, Photoshop etc

Studio Operations Proficiencies

- Use of pugmill

- Programming and performing routine maintenance on kilns(elements, relay and thermocouple replacements)

- Glaze mixing, sieving and calibration

- Use of slabroller and extruder

- Understanding of different electric firing cycles

Additional Requirements

- Able to comfortably lift 50lbs

- Have a balanced attitude capable of conflict diffusion and resolution

- Have means of transport to and from 79 R Grove Street, Watertown MA 02472

- Advanced ceramics knowledge with experience selling pottery and a body of artwork to share. Experience and knowledge of different firings(gas, soda, ruk etc) is preferred.

How To Apply:

If Interested, please send your resume and three references to Include the term Operations Coordinator in the subject line. We will reach back out to qualified candidates for follow up.

Apply by:
April 01, 2021
$40,000 - $44,000
About this Organization:
Indigo Fire is a teaching pottery studio in Belmont.  We have a thriving community of students who practice here everyday.  We have a small, well-organized space that is bustling with activity and pots.  We fire various stoneware and porcelain clay bodies at cone 6 and make all our glazes in-house.  We offer classes, independent study, private lessons and workshops.