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Date Posted:
March 04, 2021

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Black Voices in the Public Sphere: A Fellowship for Emerging Media Professionals

Boston Review is now accepting applications for the Black Voices in the Public Sphere Fellowship, designed to prepare and support the next generation of Black journalists, editors, and publishers.
The program is designed to provide aspiring Black media professionals with training, mentorship, networking opportunities, and workshops. With the guidance ofBoston Review editors and professional mentors, fellows will develop projects to be published online or in print. These projects will take different forms depending on fellows’ interests—from writing a series of columns to curating a series of essays, designing forums, moderating live debates, and facilitating interviews.
Beyond exploring their own interests and bringing those ideas into public conversations with their individual projects, fellows will also receive training fromBoston Review editors in every step of the publishing process—from acquisitions, structural and line editing, copyediting and fact checking, to web and print production and promotion on social and conventional media.

The Black Voices in the Public Sphere Fellowship recognizes aspiring media professionals who demonstratean interest in exploringthe publishing world and acommitment to enlargingthe landscape of ideasin the media.

A bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience is required to apply. Established professionals should not apply.

Previouseditorialexperience ishelpful but not required.Most importantis the clarity of a candidate’svision for a publishingproject and their careergoals.

How To Apply:
Apply by:
April 29, 2021
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