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Date Posted:
June 28, 2019

Eastern Massachusetts





The Facilities Manager fulfills an essential role at Artisan’s Asylum, overseeing a clean, functional, safe and reliable work environment for our members. Artisan’s 42,000 sf. working environment includes 160 studios, storage spaces, 15 dedicated work areas, and common areas. Amenities include restrooms, a kitchen, and art galleries. The Facilities Manager is the primary point of contact with property management and trades in the repair and maintenance of the building envelope and fixed infrastructure.

Working with direction from the Executive Director and support from the Operations Manager, Shop Leads, and the Awesomenaut Coordinator, the Facilities Manager understands best practices in facilities management and directs those practices toward fulfilling the needs of members. The Facilities Manager works with Shop Leads to develop and manage shop budgets, prioritizing ongoing purchase and maintenance requests against those budgets. The Facilities Manager develops and manages seasonal and routine maintenance schedules and maintains oversight of safety procedures in the shop areas. Where and when needed, the Facilities Manager undertakes routine repairs and maintenance tasks, and works with the Executive Director to engage trades when necessary.

The Facilities and Shops Manager also works with the Operations Manager to ensure that appropriate IT infrastructure is in place to operate doors, equipment and security systems; and with the Education Coordinator to ensure that teaching facilities are safe, stocked, and in working order. The Facilities Manager oversees a team of part-time Shop Leads in each shop area and is responsible for ensuring that equipment is in good working order, shop supplies are on hand and a safety communication plan is in place.

Key Responsibilities


  • Maintain timely and courteous communication with the property management, key external stakeholders including vendors, and City inspectors ensuring timely response to requests for information and support on an as-needed basis.

  • Ensure timely and effective communication with members and staff around facility upgrades, safety procedures, and updates to internal processes and facilities status.

  • Communicate regularly with the Executive Director around purchasing, installation, maintenance and inspection schedules and requirements to ensure that Artisan’s overall safety and operations procedures are being adhered to and that the facility and its resources are in good working order.

Facility Oversight

  • Establish and maintain the operations budget including equipment, lighting and related infrastructure requirements and recurring supplies.

  • Guide and implement build-outs, equipment installation, and related facility improvements; identify and work with contractors as needed on jobs requiring city-authorized permits.

  • Ensure common work areas and pathways are clean and clear of obstruction, materials are well organized and surfaces free of clutter.

  • Ensure that member studios and storage spaces are clearly marked, well and safely organized, and space rules are being adhered to.

Safety and Operations

  • Implement and maintain a safety communication procedures and signage for each of A2’s shop areas. This includes and effective “Tag Out, Lock Out” procedure.

  • Monitor shop safety and environmental status on a monthly basis. Carry out quarterly environmental and safety audits of shops.

  • Oversee safety and construction guidelines and acitivities for member studios and common workspace usage.

  • Work with building management team to ensure adequate lighting, on-schedule cleaning, HVAC and plumbing, and the security of overall operations envelope.

  • Respond to emergencies on an as-needed basis.

Shop Oversight

  • Manage a team of qualified shop “leads” who are responsible for the organization, maintenance and safe use of shops.

  • Ensure the timely acquisition of tools, materials and related supplies for each shop area in coordination with Shop Leads and the Administrative Coordinator.

  • Review shop logs and communicate known issues and concerns to appropriate staff, Safety and Operations Committee and the Executive Director.


Desirable attributes for this position include:

  • Friendly and accommodating work style, with the ability to firmly enforce rules.

  • A restless eye and appetite for continuous improvement and communication.

  • Hands on experience in shop environment.

  • Natural people manager with strong interpersonal communication abilities.

  • A strong “safety first” work ethic.

  • Ability to juggle multiple competing tasks and timelines.

  • Entrepreneurial problem-solver and “doer” by nature.

How To Apply:
Send cover letter and resume to
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July 20, 2019
Compensation for this position starts at $25/hour, depending on experience.
About this Organization:

Artisan's Asylum is a non-profit community fabrication center located in Somerville, Massachusetts. Our mission is to support the teaching, learning and practice of fabrication.