Dunamis Inc.

7 Avenue De Lafayette #121010
Boston, MA 02111

Date Posted:
February 07, 2019

Eastern Massachusetts



Arts Management Apprentice


The question current arts-managers face is, “how do we make the arts accessible to everyone by exploring, unpacking, dismantling and rebuilding the systems that put us on an unsustainable path?”

During this apprenticeship, you will explore Boston’s festivals, parades, and cultural institutions to understand the landscape, identify best and worst practices, research current audiences as well as the cultural and institutional barriers they face and develop your own unique project that speaks to the learning you’ve accomplished over the summer.

Apprentices will:

· Attend community arts festivals

· Develop research surveys and tools to track and understand audiences

· Research and tour local arts organizations

· Facilitate discussions with youth about the intersection of arts and community

· Design a capstone community arts event proposal

· Support of the administrative and program work of Dunamis

Candidates should be currently enrolled in undergraduate or graduate school. Limited spots will be available for high school students. A background in the arts (whether as an artist or arts-manager) is strongly desired.  
How To Apply:
Please submit a resume to AMA Coordinator Jasmine Garcia at jgarcia@dunamisboston.org. Cover letters are encouraged, but optional. 
Apply by:
March 01, 2019
About this Organization:
Dunamis is run by 3 millenial artists-of-color with degrees in arts-management, music business, sociology and education. Throughout their perspectives as artists, arts-managers and educators, they are committed to sharing, enhancing, and cultivating stories and artists that celebrate agency, identity, and culture. What Drives Us: • How do you train and empower professionally competent emerging artists? • How do we build diverse audiences and develop patrons of the arts? • How do we construct a pipeline of diverse, visionary arts-managers? • How can we increase Boston’s relevance as a cultural hub that both attracts and retains talented artists? We believe that if we educate, support, and bring life to the work of artists and arts-mangers at the earliest stages of their careers, then we can create a community of diverse, professionally competent, local arts-leaders.