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Date Posted:
January 16, 2019

Western Massachusetts



Manager of Student Life

The Manager of Student Life (MSL) leads all aspects of student and West Street Campus life. S/he reports directly to the Director of Operations and Residential Life, and supervises the Student Housing Manager and Resident Assistants (RA’s). During the summer season, s/he works closely with operations and program staff and faculty, and interacts extensively with students and parents. Primary responsibilities include RA recruitment and training, and developing, implementing and overseeing an effective, safe, inclusive, and positive Student Life experience for all BUTI students. During the summer, the Manager of Student Life supervises and evaluates the RA staff; creates and monitors RA work schedules; oversees and participates in the student judicial system; and serves in the Management On-Call rotation. During the academic year, in addition to Student Life staff recruitment, the Manager of Student Life is responsible for updating all Student Life materials, e.g. the Student Lifebook, and working closely with BUTI directors and other staff to communicate this information to constituents during the admissions and enrollment processes. S/he works closely with the Director of Operations and Residential Life to: review and update Student Life materials and communications; review and develop Student Life policies and procedures; and develop plans for Student Life activities and events that can be implemented during the season. In addition, s/he is tasked with creating professional ties and collaborative opportunities with Boston University’s office of Residence Life to enhance BUTI’s Student Life operations.
  • Recruiting, Training, and Managing Resident: Assistants In-residence in Lenox, MA: With the assistance of the Operations Management Team, including the Director of Operations and Residential Life, the Manager of Student Life plans, leads and coordinates sessions during a 1.5-week Student Life training program. As a supervisor, the MSL monitors job performance of Resident Assistants and conducts weekly one-on-one meetings. S/he creates the desk and on-call shift schedule for the RA staff and holds RAs accountable for their work. This position monitors RA progress on assigned special projects by providing guidance in developing timelines and ensuring that deadlines are met. The MSL chairs weekly resident assistant staff meetings. S/he reviews weekly RA reports and in turn, submits a weekly synopsis report to the Director of Ops. and Res. Life. The MSL oversees student life programming and manages the calendar of social events and other activities. S/he helps oversee student move-in and move-out weekends by creating work schedules, organizing registration stations, and assisting in paperwork collection. S/he coordinates regular team building and staff appreciation activities throughout the summer. Winter/Spring: Prior to residency in Lenox, the Manager of Student Life must become familiar with the operations of the program and the responsibilities of the Residence Life staff.
  • Judicial System & On-Call Work:The Manager of Student Life recruits, hires and supervises the Student Housing Manager, working closely with this individual to review, update and improve upon policies and procedures related to student behavior and the judicial process. In his/her absence, the Manager of Student Life oversees and participates in the student judicial system by meeting with students who are involved in policy violations and by carrying out any daily, necessary administration. S/he participates in the campus Management On-Call duty rotation, taking the lead in problematic situations and relaying any information necessary to the Director of Operations and Residential Life and other members of the senior BUTI management team. The Manager of Student Life is a primary role model for the RA staff in work and in behavior. As a senior student affairs position, the Manager of Student Life guides the RAs in dealing with minor student issues, while collaborating with the full-time BUTI staff, senior faculty and Health Services to manage more serious problems
  • Administrative Support:As members of the BUTI team, these positions are essential to helping bridge the academic focus of students to the aspects of healthy living in a community. A pro-active attitude and willingness to take initiative are necessary. A final report on the summer’s successes and needs for improvement is required each year by September 15. During the winter and spring months, additional tasks may be assigned to support the general operations and academic program of BUTI.
  • An undergraduate degree is required for the position; graduate level students and teaching professionals are encouraged to apply. Live-in residence experience and Resident Assistant or summer camp experience preferred. Knowledge of pre-college and/or collegiate residence life industry standards is ideal. Strong communications and administrative skills needed, including word processing, spreadsheet, and database software applications experience. Teamwork and supervisory experience are essential. Possession of a valid U.S. driver’s license is necessary. 
  • All BUTI positions are rewarding and educational but demanding in terms of the required time and energy a successful candidate must commit. The positions are live-in (summer only), and the hours staff members work are often dictated by the necessities of the student community rather than by convenience. 
  • This is a part-time position (approximately 10 hours per week) during the Winter and Spring, and temporary full-time commitment during the June – August program period. The summer (in-residence) period of the position begins Tuesday, May 28, 2019 and ends Thursday, August 15, 2019. After the students arrive on June 17, staff members receive one day off each week and are expected to be present and maintain office hours. They will also receive two periods of two consecutive days off, which may or may not be weekend days. 
  • Compensation includes hourly wages (Winter/Spring) and a weekly salary (Summer). During the summer, living accommodations, daily breakfast/brunch, lunch and dinner, local telephone service only, and a Tanglewood grounds pass are included. As part of training, staff members receive certification from the American Heart Association in Standard First Aid and Adult CPR/AED.
How To Apply:
Apply online for this and other summer positions at A cover letter outlining your interest and qualifications along with a work resume are required.
Apply by:
February 23, 2019
Salary, Housing, Weekday Lunch, Tanglewood Lawn Pass
About this Organization:
Boston University Tanglewood Institute (BUTI) is recognized internationally as one of the premier summer training programs for aspiring high school-age musicians and is the only program of its kind associated with one of the world's great symphony orchestras. Under the guidance of distinguished professionals and in the presence of the Boston Symphony Orchestra (BSO), young people devote themselves to a summer of extraordinary music making.

All BUTI programs share a common element: excellence. BUTI offers programs for all orchestral instruments, voice, piano, and composition, ranging in duration from two to six weeks. Depending on your area of study, you may be eligible for more than one program, and students may apply for more than one program with the same audition. Included with all BUTI programs is unparalleled access to all BSO and Tanglewood Music Center concerts, as many as 15 events per week.

BUTI is a magical blend of the formal and informal, of joy and hard work. No one who spends a summer at Tanglewood leaves untouched by the experience.