Brain Arts Organization

1486 Dorchester Ave
Boston, MA 02122

Date Posted:
April 16, 2018

Eastern Massachusetts



Art and Design Summer Internship


BRAIN Arts is looking for a highly motivated undergraduate student to provide support for our gallery. Ideally our intern will have an interest in the local Boston art and music scene and DIY culture, and is eager to learn more about gallery administration, marketing and communications.

Intern responsibilities and duties will vary with the organization’s needs but will likely include:


  • Maintaining accurate artist information in our database

  • Making sure our artist archive is updated and organized

Gallery Management

  • Assisting with gallery show installation and deinstallation.

  • Assisting with gallery show event management, including maintaining spreadsheets and communicating with artists


  • Making posts promoting the artists that we work with on our social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and brainstorming strategies to improve and combat the algorithms.

  • Promote our art shows through nontraditional means, such as Reddit, Couchsurf, and by posting in relevant Facebook groups, and brainstorming fresh ideas too!

  • Conduct artist outreach to bolster our roster of visual artists.


  • Assist with graphic design tasks such as flyer creation, visual content for social media posts, and visual materials for gallery shows.


The ideal intern:

  • Possesses the tenacity to keep up with the workload

  • Is self-motivated and able to meet deadlines.

  • Has ready access to email and social media accounts

  • Ability to summarize and communicate clearly

  • Has a strong interest in the Boston art and music scene

  • Has a flexible schedule and can work evenings and weekends

  • Has an interest in nonprofit arts administration

  • Has strong organizational skills

  • Is proficient in Google Apps (Docs, Sheets, Forms, etc.) as well as Adobe products (Photoshop, inDesign, Illustrator)

This internship requires a time commitment of 10-20 hours a week for at least 12 weeks. A lot of the work can be done off-site and virtually, but we require interns to come to our weekly meetings Monday nights at 7pm. Interns may also perform their duties at our office at the Dorchester Art Project (1486 Dorchester Ave, Boston, MA 02122). Interns are also required to assist staff at least two shows a month and our flea markets (dates, times, and locations vary).

How To Apply:

Please send resume and cover letter to No phone calls or on-site visits please. Apply by May 12th, 2018.

Apply by:
May 12, 2018
About this Organization:

The mission of Brain Arts Organization is to create platforms for fringe artistic communities. We publish a newspaper, produce a daily culture blog, organize a bi-monthly flea market, and host all-ages shows, art exhibitions, and special events at our community space and art gallery. We also seek out and activate unconventional spaces all over Greater Boston for our programming. Through these inclusive, participatory efforts, we aspire to uplift our communities and fill cultural voids in our unique region of New England.

Reasons To Work With Us:

Building Community: Through your internship with Brain Arts Organization, you will work to enrich the local arts and music scene of Boston and the wider New England region. We hope that by promoting artists across the music/art/film communities, we are bringing together people from all ages and backgrounds with the shared interests.

Personal Development: While interning at the Hassle, you will get to meet like-minded folks working together to promote the arts in the Boston area. We are a tight-knit group of volunteers who believe in the mission of the organization; we enjoy working hard and playing hard in a laid back, self motivated environment.

Art Exposure: There is so much local art to experience in and around Boston that most people don’t know exists! Working with this organization is guaranteed exposure to sounds, sights, and smells that are entirely new and will almost certainly blow your mind.

Work Experience: Being a Brain Arts Organization Intern will require independent thinking and problem solving. It is a unique environment in that the entire organization is volunteer run, therefore, everyone is self-motivated, highly productive and understands the importance and meaning behind their work. We believe this kind of experience is valuable, rewarding and hard to come by. We all want to be here and we all believe in the power of grassroots cultural activism.