Joanne Langione Dance Center

38 Border St
Newton, MA 02465

Date Posted:
June 06, 2019

Eastern Massachusetts



Pre-school Dance Teacher Position

The Joanne Langione Dance Center is seeking a qualified dance teacher who specializes in early movement skill for children. Please visit the website for insight into the JLDC early dance education program
When a child tiptoes to soft music, stamps her feet to loud music, moves in slow motion, dances rapidly, sways to a 3/4 meter, or skips to a piece in 6/8, she is experiencing movement and music. We now know that “early movement experiences are beneficial to optimal brain development”. Early movement experiences are considered essential to the neural stimulation needed for healthy brain development. Are you eager to be part of children's growth and development through movement and dance? Are you able to create an atmosphere where children can take risks and make discoveries? Are you a qualified preschool movement/dance teacher who wants to introduce children to the world of school using games, storytelling, and other activities that help develop language and vocabulary, improve social skills and help children learn about themselves? Can you provide fun learning movement activities suitable for preschoolers, keep them safe, work as part of a team with other teachers and interact with parents?
How To Apply:
Send resume to managing director Meli Currie at
Apply by:
July 01, 2019
About this Organization:

Joanne Langione Dance Center has been providing quality dance education for over 40 years to students ages 12 months to 18 years old through a diverse offering of ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, hip hop, acrodance, musical theater and creative movement programming. JLDC is a community based school educating students to the many ways in which a proper dance education can inform their lives: creating life-long lovers of dance whether a student chooses to dance professionally or whether she dances for the simple joy of it. In 2015 JLDC opened a brand new state-of-the art facility with four spacious studios, student and parent reception areas and ample Find us on Facebook and Instagram.