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Date Posted:
December 03, 2018

Eastern Massachusetts



Studio Manager I (P/T) - Film Area (Equipment)


Studio Managers are professional level staff that serves as College-wide resources. The primary role of Studio Managers is to support students and faculty through management of educational facilities and technical assistance with curriculum. Studio Managers have responsibility for the safe and effective operation of instructional spaces specific to their discipline(s), including some or all of the following: classrooms, studios, computer labs, and teaching galleries.

Studio Managers serve a key role in supporting academic functions. Working collaboratively with faculty, administration, and staff. Depending on position, the manager will work with the Department Chair/Area Coordinator, departmental faculty, Academic Affairs, facilities personnel, public safety, finance personnel, and other departments as needed.

1. Support the academic function of the department through coordination with the Assistant and Associate Directors in Film/Video, Department Chair/Coordinator and departmental faculty on the proper and safe use of department equipment, machinery, and facilities.
Receives, tests and enters into the inventory all new equipment and furnishings. Maintains equipment cage studios and classrooms in Film Area and D309. Troubleshoots for repair of equipment and stays in communication with the Assistant Director of the Film Area.

2. Maintain inventory of equipment and supplies and monitor student use of equipment. Where students are allowed to use college equipment outside of the classroom, maintain the check out system/database
Performs checkout of equipment to students & faculty for classes. Helps maintain studios in Film Area and D309. Does in class workshops in proper use & safety for specific equipment & studios.

3. As appropriate, make recommendations to the Assistant Director of the film area for specific equipment, supplies and space to meet the curriculum needs as identified by the faculty.
Maintains inventory for all film equipment, materials and supplies. Communicates with Faculty for class needs. Works with faculty to coordinate use of media from the film library.

4. Performs film to video transfers when time allows.

5. Establish and oversee procedures for the proper and safe use of equipment by faculty and students, including developing manuals, providing schedules for use, and insuring proper instruction and/or supervision for non-classroom and independent use of the equipment.
Supervises students to monitor proper health and safety procedures related to all equipment materials and studios. With Assistant Director, generates studio policy (including access, keys, clean up, etc.) and safety guidelines.

6. Hire, train and supervise students, and monitors as needed.
Supervises work study students to assist in check out and equipment inventory and testing.

7. Depending on assignment, may participate with the other studio managers, department chair and the facilities department on changes and upgrades to department facilities.

8. Make recommendations for purchase of capital equipment and supplies to the Assistant Director of the Film Area.

9. Make minor repairs to equipment and machinery. Make recommendations for major repairs or decisions regarding repair or replacement.
Uses Purchase Requisitions for Repairs with supervision from and communication with the Assistant Director of the Film Area Facilities.

10. Serve as a liaison between faculty and students.
Communicate with other departments and their studio managers when necessary.

11. Promote the University’s commitment to customer service by:
- Build effective partnerships with co-workers throughout the University by freely sharing appropriate information and providing assistance when needed.
- Ensuring optimum service to all internal and external partners in response to all requests for service and information.
- Maintaining an environment that is welcoming to persons of all backgrounds, nationalities, and roles.

12. Other Duties: Assist other departments and studio managers as assigned.

We will be reviewing applications on 12/20/18


Clear potential or demonstrated ability to work effectively with and benefit a diverse community

Organizational and managerial skills necessary to work as part of a team

Bachelor’s degree

Working knowledge of 16mm film production and digital media technologies used in film and video production and post production

A positive attitude towards assisting others and the ability to share expertise and information

Ability to stay current in the field of film and video and to obtain new skills using new technologies

Ability to use and maintain equipment and software, including but not limited to:
– Lighting and green screen studios, and lighting and grip equipment;
– Analog and digital sound devices for sync and field recording;
– 16mm cameras: Bolex Rex 5, Arri-S, Arri-BL, and Arri SR2, and 16mm projectors
– Post production software

Familiarity with database management

Ability to lift 50-100 lbs., reach overhead and climb ladders

How To Apply:
Apply by:
December 20, 2018
$22,500 - $25,000.00
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