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Date Posted:
August 08, 2018

Eastern Massachusetts



Dramaturgy Fellow in Creative Producing


Company One Theatre, in residence at the Boston Center for the Arts, seeks candidates in the Dramaturgy Fellowship training program for our 20th Season, August 2018 - August 2019.


The Dramaturgy Fellow is a mentored position designed to train promising early career dramaturgs in the practice of Creative Producing. This stipended training program is rigorous, providing opportunities for growth in keeping with the candidate’s declared professional goals, while also expanding the definitions of what dramaturgy is and does within a producing company. Dramaturgs at Company One are central in the visioning, creating, and producing of our work on stage and out in the community. We commit acts of dramaturgy through the practice of creative producing, which we believe broadens capacity and opportunity for our audiences, artists, and community partners, as well as for the works we stage.

Dramaturgy has historically been a majority cis and white discipline. While people of all backgrounds are welcome to apply, in keeping with Company One's mission and our organizational commitment to mentorship, we are especially committed to providing paths of access and training for early-career dramaturgs of color, trans dramaturgs, and dramaturgs from backgrounds not typically represented in the field.

Learn more about Creative Producing:

Dramaturgy Fellows train in the following areas:

· Production dramaturgy with a producorial focus

· New play development

· Literary management

· Community engagement, partnerships, and organizing

· Season programming

· Writing with a dramaturgical approach

· Documentation of processes, and shaping of Company narratives

· Producing, hosting, and moderating panels and other public events

· Casting

· Installation dramaturgy

· Project management


The mission of Company One Theatre is to change the face of Boston theatre by uniting the city’s diverse communities through innovative, socially provocative performance and developing civically engaged artists.
Vision Statement

Company One is Boston’s theatre for the people. We are the intersection of art and social change. We will be a national leader for audience engagement, artist development, and the creation of new work that pushes boundaries by presenting issues and events critical to the progress of society. We maintain a sense of integrity, authenticity, and social responsibility to all people.
Core Values
- Never be satisfied
- Diverse, socially conscious thinking
- Innovation and creative problem solving
- Artistic Excellence
- Development of the individual as part of the greater community
- We value diversity, community engagement, collective decision-making, transparent communication, and mentorship.
Reason for Being: To Inspire Human Connection and Affect Social Change


· The ideal candidate is at least one full year out of undergrad, has done dramaturgical work on project/s outside of academia, and envisions dramaturgical practice (in any of its myriad forms) as central to their future artistic life

· Ability to work independently under tight deadlines

· Exceptional communication skills by email, in person, and in print

· Self-directed, highly responsible, and motivated

· A strong dramaturgical point of view, and a voice to match it

· Can read and evaluate scripts with speed and depth

· The ability to toggle between granular and global approaches when solving problems

· The willingness to see challenge as an opportunity for growth

· Comfort with public speaking and hosting

· Dedication to issues of social and racial justice


The Fellowship requires residency in the Boston metro area, and a full season-long commitment. The schedule is designed to accommodate a 9-5 job outside of the Company. There is some flexibility embedded in areas of our calendar in order to accommodate emergencies and issues of work/life balance. The Fellowship does not accommodate work on theatrical/performance projects outside of Company One.

Expected hours include:

· Weekly Monday night staff meetings, 6-9:30p

· Attendance at selected events hosted by community groups and organizational partners; staffing at C1’s special events, performances, and playwright lab classes, which are held on nights and weekends.

· Attendance at evening and weekend rehearsals for one assigned production per season. Typically, rehearsals take place Tues-Fri evenings, and one weekend day per week. When working on your assigned production, there will typically be additional tasks to be completed outside of rehearsal (eg: writing program notes, blog posts, communication with partner organizations, etc).

· When not in production, Fellows will be working on other areas of their training in Company processes, and ongoing projects that speak to individual Fellows’ professional goals. Typically, this is about 5-10 hours of work per week outside of staff meetings.

How To Apply:

Send an application letter of no more than 2 pages, a current resume, and a writing sample Put "Dramaturgy" in the subject heading of your email. Please submit PDF documents. Application Deadline: August 20, 2018

About your application letter:

Help us get to know you as an artist and a human. Examples of the kind of information we’re interested in:

· What’s your own personal or artistic mission?

· What areas of the Fellowship most excite you?

· In which areas are you seeking mentorship or support?

· When have you demonstrated leadership on a collaborative project?

· What are your professional goals?

· How do you intersect with Company One’s mission?

About your resume:

· Choose the format that works best to convey your experience and expertise.

· Please be sure to include full contact information, and URLs to any web-based portfolios or projects you’d like us to see.

· Include titles, affiliations, contact information for 2-3 references who can speak about your work.

About your writing sample:

· First choice: We most want to see an example of your dramaturgical writing. Some options: program notes, newsletter articles, high quality blog posts, a detailed script analysis.

· Second choice: If you don’t have any dramaturgical writing to share, send a piece of non-fiction writing that displays voice, point of view, and is designed for a public readership.

· Third choice: If you don’t have any of the above options, send a solid piece of academic writing that shows your skills.

If you have supplemental materials you’d like us to see that aren’t addressed through these other categories, but are still dramaturgical in nature, please feel free to share them with us as part of your application.


Apply by:
August 20, 2018
Fellows will receive a season stipend of $1500 to support their training
About this Organization:

Company One Theatre builds community at the intersection of art and social change.

A Boston defined by justice, equity, and artistic innovation.

Welcome to our community, where every audience member, artist, student, and supporter has the opportunity to fight for social justice. At C1…

  • We strive to create intentional, authentic theatrical experiences that uniquely integrate content, style, space, and community.
  • We amplify new stories and adventurous theatrical forms to define what’s next in the American theatre.
  • We focus on growing our students’ authority, voice, and point of view, while developing artists into the next generation of change-makers.
  • Our work is responsive to what’s happening in our city, nation, and world.
  • We work towards justice by challenging inequity and oppressive systems.
  • Innovation, forward thinking, and collaboration lead the way.
  • We center our work on reciprocal relationships with community partners.
  • Representation is an act of social justice.
  • Our growth is motivated by questioning the status quo, internally and externally.
  • We strive for artistic excellence as defined by our collective community.