Brain Arts Organization

1486 Dorchester Ave
Boston, MA 02122

Date Posted:
August 05, 2018

Eastern Massachusetts

Public Relations/Marketing


Marketing Fall Internship


BRAIN Arts is looking for a highly motivated student to provide support to the PROD, our marketing and communications team. Ideally our intern will have an interest in the local Boston art and music scene and DIY culture, and is eager to learn more about social media and digital communications in a non-profit arts context.

1. Check that every bolded event in the booking doc has a Facebook event page and a site listing. This could be a weekly task.

  • a. Ensure that each listing has a flyer, artist handles and blurb. If there is none available, bug the booking intern.
  • b. Find bios for each band

2. Assist Kat with scheduling posts in the Google Calendar

  • a. Send a weekly email with each event and how many people are “going” or “interested” on Facebook.
  • b. In the same email, detail how many times we are scheduled to post about an event.
  • c. Research best times to post about events on each social media platform.

3. Assist with creating Instagram, Facebook, and possibly Snapchat stories of upcoming events.

  • a. Get creative with stories! Find new ways to promote events other than just posting flyers.
  • b. Work with Kat and Chris Hughes to get web content on social media through stories and posting in events.

4.  Post related content into our Facebook Events.

5. Post our events into select Facebook Groups.

  • Has strong communication skills (email/google doc access a must)
  • Possesses the tenacity to keep up with the workload
  • Has an interest in social media and digital communications
  • Has a flexible schedule and can work evenings and weekends
  • Is proficient in Google Apps (Docs, Sheets, Forms, etc.)
How To Apply:
Please send resume and cover letter to No phone calls or on-site visits please.
Apply by:
September 09, 2018
About this Organization:

The wild growth of Brain Arts Organization into a network of 150+ volunteers began with just Dan Shea and Sam Potrykus teaming up in 2009 to found the Boston Hassle (BH) and share their passion for genre-defying music. By 2010, they and fellow volunteers were booking 10 shows monthly, publishing a monthly zine (now known as The Boston Compass), and presenting homegrown music festivals.

With the help of some vital volunteers, BH obtained its 501(c)(3) status in 2013 as Brain Arts Organization (B.A.O.). Since launching Black Market (our bi-monthly, local market) and acquiring Dorchester Art Project (our HQ/community arts center), B.A.O. has grown into a whole collective of dedicated volunteers committed to establishing accessible arts programming. Why, though? Because we believe that conscious, cultural empowerment is worth the hassle.

Reasons To Intern With Us:

Building Community: Through your internship with Brain Arts Organization, you will work to enrich the local arts and music scene of Boston and the wider New England region. We hope that by promoting artists across the music/art/film communities, we are bringing together people from all ages and backgrounds with the shared interests.

Personal Development: While interning at the Hassle, you will get to meet like-minded folks working together to promote the arts in the Boston area. We are a tight-knit group of volunteers who believe in the mission of the organization; we enjoy working hard and playing hard in a laid back, self motivated environment.

Art Exposure: There is so much local art to experience in and around Boston that most people don’t know exists! Working with this organization is guaranteed exposure to sounds, sights, and smells that are entirely new and will almost certainly blow your mind.

Work Experience: Being a Brain Arts Organization Intern will require independent thinking and problem solving. It is a unique environment in that the entire organization is volunteer run, therefore, everyone is self-motivated, highly productive and understands the importance and meaning behind their work. We believe this kind of experience is valuable, rewarding and hard to come by. We all want to be here and we all believe in the power of grassroots cultural activism.