PhenomenArts, Inc.

75 Kendall Road
Lexington, MA 02421

Date Posted:
August 20, 2018

Eastern Massachusetts



Studio Manager


PhenomenArts, Inc - Large-scale public art installation and performance company based in Lexington, MA seeks a Studio Manager.

PhenomenArts, Inc. and Artistic Director Christopher Janney have been at the forefront of interactive public art for over 30 years. See for past projects and more information. The Lexington, MA studio has an opening for an Studio Manager. This office / studio is a dynamic and motivating environment, with a combination of maintaining existing projects and developing new proposals.

The Studio Manager’s responsibilities are outreach to the public art community and as a liaison with clients. This role also includes general studio administration: arranging travel, setting up phone calls and general email follow through. Training will be provided for the manager to learn about the process of finding, applying for, winning, planning and contracting of installations for a variety of large scale interactive projects. The studio manger will provide support towards the design, creation, and execution of projects.

Training specific to public art will be provided. Experience with MS Office, Adobe Creative Suite and Social Media is a plus.

Applicants should be available to work a total of 12-15 hours/week. We prefer 4 hours/day over three days at the Lexington studio. PayScale to be negotiated upon interview. Please send a resume and cover letter to AND

Training specific to public art will be provided. Experience with MS Office, Adobe Creative Suite and Social Media is a plus.    
How To Apply:
Please send a resume and cover letter to AND
Apply by:
September 26, 2018
To be negotiated upon interview
About this Organization:
Christopher Janney is a pioneer in the field of sound art, merging architecture, sound, light and interactive technology. For 30 years, Janney has been blending music and light with the physical space in unexpected ways. His work invites the public to engage and connect. Janney’s work turns spectators into participants. He transforms parking garages into music boxes, airport walkways into rainbow passages, public plazas into spaces for creative interaction, and dancers’ heartbeats into their own musical accompaniment. Having studied architecture at Princeton and MIT, Janney is also a trained jazz musician. He has created numerous permanent interactive sound and light installations attempting to make architecture more “spontaneous” and music more “physical.” Janney’s innovative use of technology, sound and architecture in his projects has won him numerous awards including, the Gyorgy Kepes Prize from MIT, the Thomas Edison award from General Electric, and LDI’s Sound Designer of the Year. Janney’s signature works include his “Urban Musical Instruments” and “Heartbeat,” an interactive sound, movement and technology production, that was initially performed by Mikhail Baryshnikov which toured the world. Believing that there is more to creating a dynamically-built environment than erecting buildings, Janney has directed his own multi-media studio, PhenomenArts, Inc. since 1980 with studios in both Lexington, Massachusetts, and London, UK. The award-winning book “Architecture of the Air” profiling Janney is available on Amazon and his website.