Boston Crawling

745 Atlantic Ave
Boston, MA 02111

Date Posted:
January 23, 2019

Eastern Massachusetts



Historic Pub Crawl Tour Guide

Boston Crawling is an entertainment company looking for energetic and fun people with theater backgrounds to lead our pub crawls through Boston's Faneuil Hall area. Our guides tell the hidden and humorous story of beer's impact on the founding fathers and the making of America as our customers enjoy local brews. Boston Crawling relies on energetic and emotive people skilled in the art of theater to bring the drama and humor of that story to life. Not only do our guides get practice rehearsing and delivering the lines of our script, they gain experience in improvisation. Due to the intimate size of Boston Crawling's tour sizes, the performance is very much interactive with the audience-- making each crawl unique and providing the opportunity for our actors to develop strong improvisation skills.
Guides must be 21 years of age or older to apply. Tours run twice a day at 2:45pm and 6:45pm, each one lasting 2.5 hours. Guides don't need a degree in American History, nor are they expected to wear or purchase elaborate and expensive costumes. However, guides are expected to be reliable and fun people interested in performing a script that is both educational and entertaining.
How To Apply:
If you're interested, please email with your resume, headshot (optional), and answers to the following questions:
  • Which beer is currently your beer of choice and why?
  • Same question, but this time which Boston bar?
  • How about Boston restaurant?
  • Are there any specific breweries that you are brand loyal to? Why?
  • Where is your favorite place you’ve ever traveled and why?
  • As it relates to our 2:45pm and 6:45pm crawls, what is your daily availability?
Apply by:
February 28, 2019
About this Organization:
Boston Crawling is a historic pub crawl tour company. We run a Fenway pub crawl and an Independence pub crawl. Guides lead groups of 12 or less around either the Quincy Market area or Fenway area. We give crawlers fun history and tell little known stories, while they drink local Boston beer. No, you don't have to wear a costume and no you don't have to have been a history major, but if you're energetic, reliable, and interested in meeting new people with each crawl, this job might be for you!